iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7 Specifications, Features and Price

Apple iPhone 7
Apple iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7 – There are rumours spread all over about the releasing of iPhone 7. And it is expected to be the best one of the Apple. If we talk about the iPhone 6s then it is the best phone delivered by Apple company yet. It lacked in many features or stuck to only a few features like 3D touch and failed in providing good battery life.

But still, it is said as the best invention of Apple. So, this time, Apple needs to invent the device of higher quality and with features more than iPhone 6s. But it is said that iPhone 7 is going to be similar to iPhone 6s.

Apple iPhone 7
Apple iPhone 7

The leaks and the possibilities of Apple iPhone 7 have started rumouring. We have collected the every possible information about the iPhone 7 and changes or updates that can be done from iPhone 6s to iPhone 7. The release date is still unknown as the releasing of iPhone is rumoured from last many months but still has not released yet. So there is no expected date or time of releasing of this Apple iPhone 7.

So you guys can collect the information about the expected features that can be launched by Apple in their new invention of Apple iPhone 7 from below.

Apple iPhone 7 Features

Redesigned Antennas

In the iPhone 6s, we have seen that the Antenna Bands were present at the back of the device, but it is expected that Antenna bands in iPhone 7 will be on the top of the device. It is also rumoured that instead of changing the position of Antenna, there can be the removal of Antennas also.


This iPhone 7 is expected to be both water and dust proof. It will even allow the users to use the phone with wet fingers without any damage to the screen.

Metal Body

The biggest change in the iPhone design will be its body. Its body will be all designed of Bezel-less Metal body.

All the old iPhone sets were having round about one color option only. But this time, we can expect more than one color as an option. Black is the expected color of this iPhone 7. It is also expected that iPhone 7 would be somewhat slimmer than 6s.

Headphone Jack

All the previous iPhones including 6s were having headphone jacks. But this time, the biggest decision that Apple has taken is to remove the 3.5mm head jack from iPhone 7. The device will be totally depending on the Bluetooth connection.

It is also expected that there might be some kind of inbuilt facility in the device with the earbuds available in the box. There is another leak of having the two speaker grills on the bottom without any headphone jack.

A Sharper Screen

As iPhone 6s is having a LED display, it is expected that iPhone 7 might be using OLED Display. And iPhone 7 will be the first Apple device having this OLED screen.

Edge to Edge Display

One of the expected turns off iPhone is of jumping to higher screen resolution. As iPhone 6s is not even having the 1080p resolution but still most of the android phones are having the QHD display, so iPhone 7 might be working more on this feature.

Apple is on the way to redesign the imaging feature of the iPhone 7 better than iPhone 6s. It is going to update the camera quality, lens technology.

Dual-lens Snapper

There is an expected update to iPhone 6s 8MP Snapper to one camera of 12MP and other of 5MP in iPhone 7. It is expected that iPhone 7 might get Optical image Stabilisation feature.

Large Battery

The biggest failure of iPhone 6s was in terms of battery. The battery performance and life of iPhone 6s are very poor. So it is expected in iPhone 7 to have better battery life as compared to iPhone 6s.


The iPhone 6s is having the storage space of 2GB RAM. And it is expected to grow more up to 3GB RAM in iPhone 7 but it is near to be not possible as it has been only 9-10 months of iPhone 6s launch. So in this short span of time, it might not be possible of getting 3GB RAM, but still, there is the possibility.

iOS 10

iPhone 6s was launched with the iOS 9 upgraded to 9.3.2. But iPhone 7 is being expected to have iOS 10 upgrading from iOS 9.3.2.

Hexa Core Processor

iPhone 6s is having a dual core processor. But it is leaked that iPhone 7 will not be having the same processor. This device will go with Hexa core processor which will be a very high jump for the Apple.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging feature of iPhone 7 will be loved by every particular person. As with this wireless charging option, an individual can get their phone charged anywhere anytime without the need of any charger.

Small Headphone Jack

There is also another rumour about the headphone jack. Sometimes it is said that there will be no Headphone jack in iPhone 7, but sometimes it is rumoured that iPhone 7 is going to have the smaller headphone jack as compared to iPhone 6s.

Sensitive Home Button

There is a rumour about the recreation of Home button in the iPhone. It can be just a sensor based button that users have to just finger out and it will work or it can also be a pressure sensitive that means it needs to be pressed hard in order to take you to another kind of screen, So features are only being expected but the reality will be known at the time of release.

iPhone 6S VS iPhone 7

Features Of iPhone 6sExpected Features Of iPhone 7
Display : 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch 3D TouchDisplay : 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch 3D Touch
Resolution : 1920x1080pResolution : QHD display of 2560 x 1440 resolution
Design : Aluminium body with Antenna Bands on the back of the device.Design : Metal Body with the antenna bands on the top of the device.
Storage : 16GB, 64GB, and 128GBStorage :  32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and maybe 256GB
CPU and RAM : A9 processor, 2GB RAMCPU, and RAM : A10 processor, 3GB RAM
Front Camera : 5MPFront Camera : 5MP with large angle lens
Rear Camera : 12MP, 4K Video RecordingRear Camera : Dual Lens 12MP, Optical Image Stabilization
Port : Headphone Jack, Lightning Port

Port  : Smart Connector, Lightning Port, No Headphone Jack

Apple iPhone 7 Price

There is no official announcement about iPhone 7 prices. On September 7, 2016, Apple is going to reveal the confirmed features and specifications on their website soon. After that, we will also update the exact price and features for iPhone 7.

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