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Apple iPhone 8 Features, Release Date, Price, Specs

Apple iPhone 8 Features

Apple iPhone 8 – Apple all over the time have indulged in creating a benchmark in the field of Smartphones by providing the best features & specifications. Apple invented its first generation iPhone in the year 2007 and now in the year 2016, Apple has reached an unimaginative level. Every time Apple comes with surprises, you can take the example of its recent launch of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Both iPhone 6 & 6S models have crossed the sales benchmark and loved by smartphone users. As iPhone 7 is going to release at the end of the year 2016. So, the next expected iPhone will be Apple iPhone 8 . If we talk about its features & specifications then, iPhone 8 is going to be one of the Apple’s best invention. So here we are going to talk about the iPhone 8 rumours and expected specs below.

Apple iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8 News & Rumors

Before talking about iPhone 8 concept, let’s talk about the coming soon release of Apple iPhone 7. As iPhone 7 is expected to release in September 2016 and is going to overcome all the issues of Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

It is in news that, Apple is working on iOS 11 for their new smart device iPhone 8. As rumoured, Apple iPhone 7 is going to launch with iOS 10, so the new generation iPhone can be expected with iOS 11.

This time, Apple is going to launch iPhone 8 with unbelievable specifications and features to compete their market competitors.  According to latest rumors, iPhone 8 price will also be a bit higher than its previous versions. There are other rumoured iPhone 8 specs also that we are going to discuss below in detail.

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Apple iPhone 8 Design

The concept & designs are a very crucial reason behind the success of any smartphone. These days, people are expecting something unique & attracting from smartphone manufacturers. Samsung is already working very hard to compete Apple in concept and design. People are expecting something new from Apple and it’s time to fulfil the expectations.

iPhone 8

As compared to earlier iPhone’s, Apple is going to do many advancements in iPhone 8 design. In the terms of glass, iPhone 8 might have Sapphire Glass instead of Gorilla glass. Sapphire is non-breakable glass which can help you in saving your phone from scratches & dust. Glass backing can be also be expected in the iPhone 8 with an aluminium body. This design feature might come with iPhone 8 Plus but will be launched in the year 2017 itself.

People loved iPhone 5 & 5S too much because of its sleek design & small screen size. In iPhone’s people prefer small screens which they can easily hold in their hands.

The exact size of the iPhone 8 can not be imagined as iPhone 7 is going to launch with 5.7 inches screen, so a phone with the size more than 6 inches will be counted as a tablet, not in a phone. So, the size could be the same as of iPhone 7 or 7 plus.

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Apple iPhone 8 Specifications

Given below are some of the rumoured iPhone 8 specifications that can be confirmed after its release.

1) Camera

As Apple iPhone 7 is expected to come with 13MP Camera so, it is clear that Apple iPhone 8 is going to launch with 16MP Camera with the ISOCELL sensors. iPhone 8 is going to have the best image quality for both the primary as well front camera.

The front camera of iPhone 8 can be with 8MP with flash. Apple will surely add some astonishing features to its camera to beat Samsung. There is more to know about the iPhone 8 camera but will get to know around its release.

2) Display  

With the increase in a number of versions, Apple is slightly increasing the display size of their iPhones. As iPhone 6 and 6s are having the screen of size up to 5.5 inches and now iPhone is expected up to 5.7 inches. After iPhone 7, now it’s the turn for iPhone 8 display. iPhone 8 screen size is expected to be maximum 6 inches. The screen display also works on the quality of images and the videos.

Instead of LCD Display, Apple iPhone 8 can go with the Dual Curve OLED Display this time. OLED offers with the better power efficiency, improved viewing angles and much more. This is just an imaginative display of iPhone 8. After the launch of iPhone 7, the iPhone screen size will be clear to you.

With the high screen size display, iPhone 8 is going to work well on glass also. It is said that instead of Gorilla glass 4, iPhone 8 will be having Sapphire Glass which is impossible to break and will protect the phone from the scratches also.

3) Memory

Till now all the Apple iPhones were coming with the memory up to 32GB, 64GB or 128GB. But this time, Apple is going to shock its users with the surprising memory that is up to 256GB. Both the iPhone 7 as well as iPhone 8 are expected to have memory up to 256GB.

4) RAM

Speed is never an issue with Apple iPhones. As iPhone 7 is going to have RAM up to 6GB, then iPhone 8 can be expected up to 8GB of RAM because every time, the new version overcomes the features of its recent ones. So, this would be a great feature in this Apple iPhone 8 that is enough to control the phone working and space easily.

5) Battery

Battery backup is very important these days. People are preferring smartphone which is providing good battery backup. So, Apple needs to improve the battery backup of their phones to maintain its dignity in the markets.

As expected the battery life of iPhone 7 up to 2000mAh. The battery life or performance of iPhone 8 can go up to 2500-3000mAh. The battery is the utmost need of the user. So Apple might be working well on this feature also in iPhone 8.

Display6.2-6.5inch 4K Screen Corning Retina Display
Camera16MP Primary Camera, 8MP Front Facing Camera with Flash, Image Stabilisation
Operating SystemApple iOS11
Battery 2700mAh – 3000mAh
Resolution2560×1440 Quad HD Display
Memory16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB
ColorsSilver/Space Grey/Gold/Rose Gold
ProcessorA10 Chipset
SensorsBarometer, Compass, Dustproof, Heart Rate, Shockproof, SPO2, Thermometer
Other Features OLED, Gorilla, Eye+Fingerprint Scanner, Retina Display, Rapid Charging, Wireless Charging, 3D-4K Resolution, Live Photos
Price $1200 USD, 1069.38 Euro, 827.07 GBP
Release Date October 2017

Apple iPhone 8 Features

People always have a high level of expectations from Apple’ iPhones and till now Apple is continuously fulfilling those expectations. Apple is popular for its inventions & a new level of thinking. But, now it’s really very difficult for every brand to maintain their positions in markets. This time, we are also expect something new from Apple.

Every year Apple release a new iPhone and different features are being expected, most of them comes out & some remain expected. So, here below are the some of the expected iPhone 8 features.

1) Water Resistant Display

As the competition in the field of smartphones is increasing every single minute, Apple always gives its best to users. In iPhone 8, Apple is going to have water repellant coating that will save the phone for water without affecting it internally even.

iPhone 8 Waterproof & Dustproof

2) Hands-Free Unlock Feature

Hand free unlock feature is already available in some of the Android smartphones whereas Apple is still lacking in this feature. So in iPhone 8, this hands-free unlock feature can be expected where user don’t have to use hands to unlock the phone. They can just with the help of retina sensor unlock the screen.

3) Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is one of the technologies that doesn’t require the phone to be available near to wired source to get charged. Apple iPhone 8 is going to have a solar chip inbuilt inside, with the help of which phone will be charged without the use of any charger or cable.

4) Processor

The next generation of Apple inbuilt processor that is A10 will be introduced in the Apple iPhone 7. Then iPhone 8 will surely be having the A11 processor. These are rumours but still can be expected as if the phone is getting to a higher level, then the processor will also be used to next level.

5) No Home Button

As the feature name, No Home Button means, this time, Apple is not going to add any home button to its iPhone 8. Apple iPhone 8 will be having a home button but only the transparent one, no the pressurizing one.

6) Lightning Port Instead Of Headphone Jack

Apple is working on Lightning port replacing Headphone jack from so long. According to the rumours, it is said that this feature will come with iPhone 7, but according to me for surely this feature will come only with the iPhone 8 and not with iPhone 7.

7) Touch ID Display

Instead of a home button, iPhone 8 can provide the users with a touch display. This will allow just a finger touch on the display screen to scan it.

8) Sidewall Display

Apple is thinking about sidewall display feature for so long and now it can be expected in iPhone 8. Sidewall display can have the display of app icons or unlock the apps, messaging or controlling some other functionality. So this is one of the unique features that every user wants to see in future iPhone.

9) Accidental Touch Screen

It happens with everyone that phone on it’s sometimes keep dialing if somewhere remains unlocked. So to overcome this thing, iPhone might be adding accidental free buttons with a touch sensor which will on its own identify whether human fingers are using the screen or some other object.

Apple iPhone Leaked Images

Other Expected iPhone 8 Features

Faster A11 ProcessorEdge to Edge DisplayNo Home Button
Wireless ChargingTouch ID Integrated Display Sidewall Display

Apple iPhone 8 Price

Apple is always known for its brand value and high prices of their devices either its iPhone, iPad or a MacBook. But, the thing is if you are fulfilling the expectations of smartphone users at a reasonable cost then you are going to bang the markets.  

Till now, Apple has played well with the prices of their smartphones. As iPhone 8 is expected to come with great features, then the price will also vary as compared to previous iPhone’s. Given below is the list of expected Apple iPhone 8 Price in different countries.

CountryiPhone 8 Prices (Expected)
India70,000 INR
Australia1589 AUD
IndonesIa15290000 Rupiah
UK770 Pound
Dubai4040 Dirham
Canada1590 CAD
Japan 128700 Yen

Previous Apple iPhones 

YeariPhone Name
2008iPhone 3G
2009iPhone 3GS
2010iPhone 4
2011iPhone 4s
2012iPhone 5
2013iPhone 5s
2014iPhone 6 and 6 plus (New Design)
2015iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus
2016iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
2017iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date

Apple iPhone 7 has not released yet but the expectations of release are to be in the month of September 2016. There is not much information about the iPhone 8 still Apple iPhone 8 release date can be expected at the end of the year 2017. As Apple every year launches its two models. In 2017, the release of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus can be expected.

So this is all for Apple’s new launch. We are going to share every new update on this website about the Apple iPhone 8, features, specs and much more. So stay tuned with us for more updates on expected release of Apple iPhone 8 in 2017. You can buy the best iPhone 8 Cases and Covers from here